One in Three Wills Lost

Although the number of Wills missing at any one time is difficult to quantify, there is some evidence that an unacceptably high proportion of Wills are simply unable to be located.

In a recent study, as the operators of the largest Will register in the UK, we  back-checked intestate estates. A Will search was performed on each estate to ascertain if a Will existed and if, therefore, the deceased had actually died intestate. The result was alarming. In 30% of  cases the searches uncovered Wills! This has deeply unsettling consequences for the beneficiaries of the Wills and the intestate beneficiaries.

Nearly One-in-Three Intestate Estates had  Missing Wills

Find a Will has access to a search of millions of Wills and this number is increasing daily and at peak times a new Will is registered every two seconds, which is 14,588 Will registrations in a day. It is forecast that by the end of 2014 there will be nearly six million Wills on the register.