Looking After Your Family

Most of us are well-aware of the importance of Will registration. We understand that Will registration is designed to help ensure that our last wishes are carried out after we are gone. Find a Will continues to serve members of the public, solicitors and Will writers.

How can Find a Will protect my Family? 

Let's take a look at an example: 

The protection offered by Will registration can be amply demonstrated using a case that came to the attention of our office in January.

9.09am: The deceased's family were unable to find a Will and performed a Will search.

9.11am: The Will search identified a solicitor based in the North West as the writer and holder of the Will.

9.12am: Certainty notifies the solicitor of the Will search match.

9.30am: The solicitor contacts the searcher to authenticate the enquiry.

The next morning: The searcher contacts the solicitor and and tells them to carry out the probate.

Without the Will search, the family would not have been able to locate the Will and the estate would have been distributed intestate.