Writing a Will is Not Enough

Although it is essential to have a Will, merely writing the Will is not enough to protect you and your loved ones if that Will cannot be found. If your Will cannot be found you may as well have not bothered writing a Will at all.

Quite simply, if your Will cannot be found, it is the same as if you hadn't written one. People lead busy lives. You may have spoken with family and friends. You may have even let them know what is in your Will but, if your Will cannot be found, this all counts for nothing. You may think that once your Will is written its existence and location will automatically be recorded somewhere: it won't.

Once your Will has been written there's nothing left to do?

Without a copy of your Will, those who would administer your estate in accordance with your wishes are powerless to do so. That is why it is so important to register your Will. If your Will is registered with  Find a Will, those dealing with estate administration (the process that is undertaken after your death) have the facility to search for it and confirm its existence it in an instant.

What Happens if My Will Cannot be Found? 

Your estate will be divided up according to the laws of Intestacy. This is where the state decides who gets what. In some cases this can mean that your loved ones get nothing. In a relatively small number of cases it can mean that the State gets everything.