Missing Will Causes Heartache

We all like to think that we are 'on top' of our personal affairs. We do what we are advised to do. We make sure our Will is well written. We choose appropriate executors. We periodically review our Will. In short, we all try to make sure we are "doing the right thing".

Imagine a situation where you have "done the right thing" and taken all the steps above. The sad fact is that it is still possible that, after your death, no one can quite remember where your Will is located. 

Distress Caused by a Missing Will

Your executors may know that you wrote a Will.  They may recall you mentioning something to them about its whereabouts. You may have mentioned to a dear friend that you have left them a keepsake and told them where your Will is kept. Of course, that was several years ago now. Time has gone by. You have passed on and all your best-laid-plans are in danger of coming to nothing.

Registering your Will with Find a Will can help protect against exactly this kind of situation.