About Find a Will

Find a Will is owned by Certainty, which is chosen, endorsed or used by law firms, government and non-government agencies, charities and the public. It is by far the largest register of its kind: it is the legal profession's only accredited national register of Wills.

Find a Will Offices

Find a Will is situated in a quiet, leafy lane rural Warwickshire. Its premises are a converted chapel that has been sympathetically restored to its former architectural splendour. It was built in memory of John Burton Pearlman, a local individual of note. Certainty the National Will Register is committed to fully maintaining this landmark so that it will continue to enhance the local landscape and can be enjoyed by future generations.

Find a Will Leadership

Certainty's chairman is Mr Kevin Martin, Past President of the the Law Society of England and Wales. The Society acquired its first royal charter in 1831. The Law Society represents solicitors. The Law Society Group includes the Solicitors Regulation Authority. It sets the standards for qualifying as a solicitor and drafts the rules of professional conduct for solicitors.

Find a Will Investment

Certainty has a substantial ongoing investment programme and has already invested millions of pounds in ensuring that Find a Will continues to best serve the public in the UK.

Find a Will Staff

The people working for you at Find a Will include solicitors, information officers, security experts and others in the Find a Will family whose job it is to administer Find a Will's systems and spread its message of legal accountability, transparency and, most importantly, protection for anyone who has written a Will.